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The presence of the “Black Goo” or Grey Goo in different traditions from occultism to sci fi has been as constant as ambiguous.  In the Gnosticism, the main representation is 
the figure or abstract entity is a swarm of Archons a collectivity directed by the will of the Demiurge. Through different context Archons meant “to rule” and its etymology
 became the root of terms as “hierarchy or Monarch” or anarchy”.
Those mythological figures got reconfigured by the modern Science fiction, particular after the novel from 1957 by Fred Hoyle: “The Black Cloud” in which an unconventional 
form of swarm intelligence goes through the space finding its own optimization metabolism menacing the resources of the Earth. Another context where appear the Notion of 
this amorphous black mass is in the world of conspiracy theorists that blends legit science, hypothesis, fictions and speculations around the technological realization of the 
“smart dust” or nanocomputers with the capacity of tracking and affecting the human behaviour once it is inside of an organism. This project aims to emerge this references
 and repurpose them Imaging how would be the first computronium which means the hypothetical machine as a substrate of matter that can perform intelligent processes 
engaging with its environment.
The iterations s of this behaviours are obtained applying a model of ferrofluid dynamics to a Machine Learning agent which interprets
de dataset in three dimensions or the three axes and generated the motion interpolating their values.
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Inspired by 3D-mesostructures obtained by the self-organization of metallic nanowires 
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