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Hubweek Boston

If you are in Boston don´t miss the @hubweek organized by MIT, Harvard University & The Boston Globe. I will be controlling a robot remotely to draw in real time. This 11 October in the Boston Government Center 17:00hr.

Shanghai Community Radio Presents: Gibrann Morgado & Wifiovermybody

Connecting the dots

Mensajes sonoros Nima Ikki & Gibrann Morgado CCD

KIC 8462852 soon



A hashgraph voting system on development. Currently our democratic tools for electoral processes are opaque, expensive, untrustable and vulnerable. The rise of blockchain proposed descentralization not only as a security paradigm but as a new political order where citizens retake a relevant role. Since blockchain was improved and evolved into new distributed-ledger technologies, other possibilities appeared in the panorama. Suffragium is an incubating platform that aims to run consensus algorithms 'gossip about gossip' on the Swirdls platform and the goal is to scale it to start a debate in the context of Mexico.


An augmented reality intervention of monumental virtual sculptures in the fields of Castleton UK in AND Festival 2017.