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CRYPTO: Imageries & machines for the self-determination
In the course of the last decades, various agents have emerged that denounce the ways in which technology is used and co-opted by power as a means of social, economic and cultural control. Promoted from public policies and private powers, technology as a means of coercion attacks against elementary liberties in contexts as disparate as the exercise of journalism in Mexico, defeats the neutrality of the network, the design of algorithms and centralized information architectures, surveillance of governments through spyware and facial recognition technologies; the authoritarian use of artificial intelligence by those who can finance their development and other habitual practices.
This debate also includes the risk of voluntarily accepting the policies of technology companies such as Facebook and Google, as well as the consequences of abandoning ourselves to "the virtues" of technological advances that, far from being presented as devices of power, have been offered to us as means identity, which give a status and offer a quality of life and social integration.

In response, CRYPTO: Imaginaries and machines for self-determination, articulates a series of specific knowledge that confronts aspects of the structures of the mentioned powers through digital tools, applications, pieces of art, DIY instructions, websites and knowledge of a series of initiatives global, groups of programmers, artists, technologists, crypto-democrats, info-activists, civic hackers and associations chosen for their genuine interest in defending the freedoms of information and other areas of public life that relate to decentralizing imaginaries and P2P philosophies ( peer to peer or networks between pairs).
Ultimately, and from the projects presented in this exhibition, we seek to share imaginaries that question those values and hegemonic approaches that are used as methods of concentration of power and administration of the world.

The project has two modules: a research which took a shape of a graphic documentary that exposes the malware & infrastructures used by the mexican government to clandestinely intervene in civil communications as mass surveillance strategy against human rights defenders, journalists, environmental activists and other citizens.
The second part is an articulation of projects very valuable as critical technologies that confront tactically, narratively or technologically these practices in a global context and propose viable scenarios against centralization, surveillance and other phaenomena. 

CRYPTO is the winning project of the 2nd edition of the Culturas Disidentes program organized by the Centro Cultural de España en México y Centro Cultural Border in Mexico City
Artists, civil asociations and projects:
Disnovation (Nicolas Maigret, Maria Roszkowska) , PHI Aliaksandra Smirnova Yin Aiwen , Jennifer Gradecki, Derek Curry, Telecomunicaciones IndígenasComunitarias , Rizhomatica , RubenPater, Matthew Plummer Fernandez, Dmitry Morozov aka :: vtol ::, Emily Martinez, Ben Lerchin), @Adam Harvey, Seaglass-University of Washington DC, Hugo Escalpelo
Curatorial Project: Gibrann Morgado
Diretor: Miguel Utray
Vicedirector Eva Banuelos
Exhibition manager:Javier Lara
Comumunication: Mayte Valencia y Ana Cervera
Graphic Design: Melissa Ortiz 
Production manager: Carlos Guerra
Mantainance: Crispin Pardo, Julio Garcia, Rafael Diaz, Jesús Juarez
Coordination of production: Eugenio Echeverría
Production: Juan Outon 
Production assistant: José Juan Chavez
Philosophical Adviser: Siobhan Guerrero 
Museography: LANZA atelier
Technical reassembly and hardware integration: Hugo Escalpelo
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Predictive art bot- DISNOVATION
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Seaglass Project
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Hot Ninja- ::vtol::
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Dissarming corruptor- Matthew Plummer Fernandez
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PHI- Aliaksandra Smirnova, Aiwen Yin, Calum Bowden