Sueño de una tarde del porvenir en la Alameda

CRYPTO: Imaginarios y máquinas para la autodeterminación

Curatorial and investigative project around the local and global collaboration of mesh networks and infrastructural response from citizenship to surveillance states.

KIC 8462852

In 2015 the discovery of the star KIC8462852 was remarkable because in the vast history of the sky observation there was never such a weid behavior of a celeestial object. This XR project aimed to speculate about Dyson Swarms orbiting stars to think about the future of energy harvesting and its civilizational goals.


This application is a pragmatic critic to facial recognition surveillance. Starting from general recognition protocols of a face, then it hides the details that usually let us know the identity of someone & them are hidden behind the face of amorphous shapes, characters as aliens as metaphors of the other/foreigner, the indigenous mexican leather Mary Chuy aswell as the face of Chelsea Manning. The labour of the machine vision and recog of landmark points/tissues is interrupted by a functional layer conflict in the scripts. The executable file that with a few effort could be injected in a CCTV system.

Triptych on the melancholy after the anthropocene

Short fictional documentary and installation. A monologue in esperanto of a postbiologic entity narrating its sorroundings and purpose. Title : Triptych on the melancholy after the anthropocene 2017 3D fixed render video 2´19´´ and installation Project presented in Centre for Global Futures, Southamptom UK 2016-2017


Uncurated was an experiment on the continuum reality/virtuality (VR,AR,AV,MR) conceived and developed by Gibrann Morgado. The experience in 1st person, is a haul through four different worlds connected by black holes as analogies of singularities in the edges of a virtual mainframe. The four worlds displays virtual sculptures, 3D works and video essays of: 3D additivist Manifesto, AUJIK, Oliver Haidutschek, Kate Samson, LATS, Manuel Rossner, Dustin Cauchi, Helin Sahin, Alicia Wright, Estrid Lutz, Kari Altmann, Mitch Posada, Capitan Alegria, DiMoDa, Gergo Kovacs, Hunter Jonakin, Hector Llanquin, Luis Nava, MSHR. Thanks to Museo Universitario del Chopo & DGTIC.


It is an intervention of virtual sculptures on a remote satellite scan of the village of Castleton, UK. Over the main castle there will be concrete and gold structures amalgamated with fragments of floating castle ruins that subtly symbolize Mexico's passive-aggressive relationship with the walled-in recent history beyond the obviousness of US intentions in their common border. I also think, for example, of Cemex, a Mexican company that has had an active participation in the construction of walls that are part of the illegal settlements that make up the Israeli occupation of Palestine, generating disproportionate profits, as well as the authoritarian role of Mexico in the southern border . These reactions can also be an analogy of the reasons castles surrounded the middle ages, as a defensive way of thinking about the threat of the other. On the other hand, the constant use of concrete in the twentieth-century Mexican institutional modernist architecture winks with brutalism and its violent reminsicences. Through an application of Enhanced Virtuality I will place these seemingly abstract structures that are nevertheless conceived thanks to these contexts. Beyond the conceptual link with Brexit, this piece has to do with the visceral motivations that lead to isolationist geopolitical decisions that generate increasing tensions. The visitor can geolocalize the immersive piece using the platform designed by the curators M Plummer Fernández-Doreen Rios for the tour. Commisiioned piece as part of ´My wall is your filter bubble´ AND Festival 2017


A research about the history and the future of data storage hidden in the patterns of a fabric´s cloak, inspired by aori-kimonos confection. The aori-cloak shows an Augmented Reality marker that displays a 3D animated mineral, a zyrcon the oldest material on earth that is an allegory of mineral high end efficiency for that purpose. Commissioned by janet40.


A series of pillows that shows the institutional identity of NATO, World Economic forum, International Monetary Fund, Wikileaks, DARPA & Goldman Sachs and through its shapes show an uncomfortable layer of the background of those institutions. Part of the project Global Havoc.

Perception Management

A spectator immersed in a 3D render scene contemplates the scene´s construction of the killing of the russian ambassador in Turkey Andrei Karlov widely covered by the press in a uncanny way, i felt, in an evanescent spectral realism uncertainty of what it is. As the nonsensical term 'posttruth' became a subterfuge to explain the dissolution between the facts and the fiction, probably the constructed images with CGI software goes beyond the terms that want to locate the intrincated layers and nuances of the real.